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Ballroom, Latin & Swing 
Dance and Level Descriptions
TAPPERCISE ADULT BEGINNER TAP - Men are encouraged to join, no age limit. If you have had Tap previously this would be a good course for you. Tappercise is offered on Wednesdays 5:00 to 5:45 pm. TAP shoes required by the 2nd lesson. Pay by check or cash on first day of lessons. Each 6-week session will cover new tap dance moves. We ALWAYS REVIEW. Each 6-weeks will be progressive. New group starting September 2015.

INTERMEDIATE ADULT TAP - Tappers should have a minimum of 1 year Tap Dance instruction. Tap groups are on-going through the Studio year. Offered on Thursdays at 6:00 pm.

BEGINNER LINE DANCING - The progressive course will teach you the basics of Line Dancing, including vines, shuffles, pivot turns and many more everything that makes up a line dance. Then you will learn a couple of dances each week that these figures are in. Each week Lestyn will e-mail you the dance to review for the following week. 

BEYOND BEGINNER C/W LINE DANCING - {space limited} learn such dances as the Tush Push; Triple Threat, Neon Moon and many, many others. Lestyn also offers other line dance classes during the week. 

BEGINNER BALLROOM – Learn the basics of these particular dances. This course instructs you in the fundamentals of frame, posture, footwork and timing – plus leading and following with a partner. 

SALSA - Closest dance to Mambo. Learn this fun Latin dance. Don't be left out! Offered twice during the Studio year.

FOX TROT - Learn this classic dance, it travels around the dance floor gracefully.

EAST COAST SWING (ECS) – Learn this fun and energetic style of dancing. ECS is the closest to Jitterbug, triple and single timing with be taught.

CHA CHA - Learn this fun Latin American dance. Remember all BEGINNER Ballroom attendees will receive a complimentary music CD to practice with.

SAMBA - Learn this fun, upbeat Latin American dance.

RHUMBA - Learn this romantic, slow Latin American dance. Rhumba offers the dancer a slower rhythm to dance to. Very suitable for nightclub floors.

BACHATA - A sexy Latin dance from the Carribean with a moderate beat that will have you show off your hips.

BOLERO - the slowest of the Latin Dances. Learn this beautiful style of Rhumba.

NC2STEP - Learn this fun style of dance. Best suited to slow, R&B music.

C/W COUNTRY WESTERN TWO-STEP - Learn this upbeat dance, this is the true C/W dance. The music is fast, students will learn frame, posture, footwork and timing, plus leading and following with a partner.

C/W WALTZ - Learn this slow, travelling dance. I think C/W Waltz is one of the prettiest dances you will learn.

WEST COAST SWING - Learn this slow style of Swing. Danced in a slot and best suited to R&B music.